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zakir naik

Zakir Naik Bangla Video

Zakir Naik bangla video
Dr. Zaker Naik Why sunnati Punjabi or not to wear clothing that a woman comes to the discussion of a question bisati. Then, Dr. Naik's open prasnottarasamuha 'the Facebook page in response to questions from the question has been answered. Are given the exact answer to that page

The sister says you're right, Dr. Zakir Naik is undoubtedly a religion callers, callers ilallaha one. Dr. Zakir Naik sunnati not wear clothing that does not know me. I think she dresses sunnati. To my knowledge, according to the Quran, the Sunnah sunnati clothing holah
A. Beautiful and pure and clothing.
B. Chatara that covered clothing.
C. Dressed in clothing ankle.
D. Beard.
E. Hat.
F. Such clothing is prohibited. Such as silk dress, gold, studded clothing, women's clothing posakaamara sunnati all conditions are met, according to the wear the dress.

Wholesale clothing sunnati conditions:

Condition No. 1, the first condition clothes, dress, men must cover from the navel to the knees. (Sunan Tirmidhi, 5/110).
Condition No. II, the dress will be thin and aatosato. (Haisami, mayamauya yaoyaida, 5/136, p Both of these hadith narrated by Ibn aabi musannaphe Shaibah, 5/157, Ibn Saad, aata tababata, 5/191, 328).

Condition No. 3, men and women dress wedding dress can not wear. (Aabu David, 4/60, Hakim, aala musatadaraka, 4215, haisami, maoyariduya yamaaana, 4/450, Bukhari, 5 /
2207, tabarani, aala mu 'aausata Jamul, 4/212, Imam aahamada, 2956).

Condition No. 4, the dress can not be arrogant. (Aabu David, 4/43, Ibn Majah, 21192, 1193). Men can not wear silk dress. (Sunan, 8/161, Bukhari, 52202, Saheeh Muslim, 3/1635, Bukhari, 1302, 52194).

Condition No. 5, can not dress down takanura. (Bukhari, 52182, aabu David, 4/59, Al-Bukhari, 3/1340, bin Hibban, 12262, aabu David, 1172).

Others said, Zaker Naik tie or dress is a symbol of Christ, as Christians, are parake. The correct answer are:
The tie will be a symbol of Christ, Christians, and why? Tie a dress. Christians have nothing to do with Christ. Clothing as well as pants, shirt, tie, there are these conflict with Islam. There is no disagreement among the Muslims of the wise. Although the odds are no one will be no deviation in the case of sunnati clothing. The odds are about the big issues.
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zakir naik bangla video

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