Zakir Naik

zakir naik


Zakir Naik bangla video
Dr. Zaker Naik Why sunnati Punjabi or not to wear clothing that a woman comes to the discussion of a question bisati. Then, Dr. Naik's open prasnottarasamuha 'the Facebook page in response to questions from the question has been answered. Are given the exact answer to that page
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zakir naik


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Who created the God? Well, maybe for many around the question of the head. As one person said during question on peace tv the regular program. Zakir Naik was the question. The answer to this question, Dr. Zakir Naik's surprising answers.

Dr. Zakir said, the answer to this question is another question, I do. Wherefore John, and the name of a person has been admitted into a hospital to give birth. She gave birth to a child in the hospital. Can you tell the child a boy or a girl?
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